General Inquiry for Spruce Medical Walk-In Clinic & Family Practice

(Secure & PHIPA-Compliant)


Dear patients:

This contact form is NOT for EMERGENCIES or URGENT medical issues.

This contact form is for general administrative inquiries for the front desk staff, not medical questions. It is the equivalent of leaving us a voicemail.

This form is ideal for administrative questions such as: 
Are my results back?
Do you do wart removal?
Is my paperwork ready for pick-up?

Please do not ask us for results for your testing. Test results can only be reviewed by the doctor. You can make a phone appointment with the doctor by clicking here.


If your have any forms or paperwork related inquiries, please send us the details.

We will only respond to complete and appropriate inquiries. During your conversation with the doctor, if it is deemed necessary to see you in person, an in-clinic appointment will be set up for you.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

For any emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department.

We are currently OPEN and seeing patients on an
as-needed basis with appointments. 


Now available by appointment to eligible patients.
Please book a phone visit to discuss.